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Reveal Football App

Threveal-football-icone Reveal Football App is the iPad and iPhone app coaches use on the sidelines during games. You can install Reveal Football on your iPhone or iPad to watch clips and tag clips.


RevealCam is a camera app for the iPhone and iPad. With RevealCam you can easily shoot video, tag clips, and instantly upload to Reveal using your iPhone or iPad.

Follow these steps to start using RevealCam

  1. Install RevealCam on your iOS device

  2. Find the name of your Reveal server

    RevealCam setup

  3. Update RevealCam settings


Reveal numbers clips and groups of clips sequentially starting from 0 (zero). In the Reveal Football APP, clip number does not start until the “Game State” is changed from “Pre-Game to “QTR 1”. Game State can be changed in the Reveal REC app and the Reveal Football app.

How to change Game State in Reveal REC

How to change Game State in Reveal REC

How to change Game State in Reveal Football
Hot to change Game State in Reveal Football

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