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Reveal Sideline Replay


Capture video in real-time from multiple cameras and mobile devices.


Easily find the video clips you need, when you need them. Custom tags make it easy to organize clips to match your system. Clips are automatically organized by time, date, and location.

Watch instantly

Watch any clip on-demand. No limit to the number of tablets and smartphones your team uses.

Save time

Have all your video organized in real-time. No more wasting time with SD cards and incompatible video formats. Reveal makes video easy, so you can focus on coaching your team.

Any angle

Shoot from multiple angles. Capture video from cameras, tablets, and smartphones.

Works anywhere

No internet connection, cellular data or outlets required. Works at home, away and everywhere you practice.

Capture and organize in real-time

Real-time insights in practice and games.


Record video from cameras,
tablets and smartphones.


Watch instant replays
on any device.


Make in-game adjustments.

Get better faster.
Win more.

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Stay ahead of your competition

Powerful features. Easy to use.

Clip Tagging

Setup custom tags to fit your system. Easily tag athletes in clips.

Frictionless Filtering.

Quickly filter clips based on multiple criteria.

Versatile Playback Controls.

Slow motion, fast forward, step, you are always in total control.

Download or Export Clips.

Your clips along with all their metadata are easily exported, making it easy to share or import to another service.