• Game changing sports video Instant replay at any venue.

  • Sideline Replay Film any angle, watch everywhere.

  • Works Anywhere Internet and outlets not required.

  • Get Better Faster Get better faster with immediate video feedback.

Instant replay for athletes and coaches

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Easy to use. Powerful features.

Reveal is instant replay for athletes and coaches.

Reveal is powerful, easy to use, and saves you time.


Capture video in real-time from multiple cameras and mobile devices.


Tag videos by athlete and your own custom tags. Venue, event, date, and time automatically added to each clip.


Watch clips on-demand. No limit to the number of tablets and smartphones your team uses.

Save Time

Reveal saves coaches time everyday by organizing clips in real-time and making it easy to export and share your video.

Any Angle

Shoot your favorite angles. Capture video from cameras, tablets, and smartphones.

Works Anywhere

No Internet, cellular data, or outlets required. Works at home, away, and everywhere you practice.

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What the experts say

Some of our customers

"Helped our players get better in practice everyday. Show them instant replay and kids understand exactly what you said."

- Mike Ivanovski - Head Football Coach, Hanover High School


"This has fundamentally changed how we coach and how our athletes train. It's made a huge difference with skill development and tactical awareness."

- Jeff Archibald - Coach, US Boardercross Team


"Amazing technology. We used it in practice where it had an immediate impact on how well we executed plays. Helped us win the state championship."

- Greg Gush, Head Football Coach, Campbell HS


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