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Introducing Reveal

Reveal is a portable, self-contained video system that gives athletes and coaches immediate access to video clips shot at any training or competition venue.
Within seconds, videos are available to coaches and athletes throughout the venue using any wi-fi enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

Reveal is used by the US Snowboard Team, US Ski Team, US Freeski Team, and several other International sports teams.

A game changer for Sochi [2014 Winter Olympics]Matt Saunders, Aerials Coach, US Ski Team
This has changed how our athletes train and how we coach.Peter Foley, Head Coach, US Snowboard Team
Shows me exactly what I need to get better every day.Alex Deibold, US Boardercross Team
Easily saves us 1 to 2 hours each day.Jeff Wintersteen, Chinese Aerials Coach 2014 Olympics

Reveal Overview

How The U.S. Aerials Team Trains with Reveal

See How Reveal Works



Immediate video feedback improves the way athletes train and coaches coach.


Fits in a backpack, battery powered with enough juice to last all day on the mountain or anywhere your team needs to go.


Reveal makes athlete's training time more productive and post-training video analysis more efficient.


See your athletes get better, faster. Watch them win more.

About Us

Shared Goals

Our mission is to help athletes achieve their highest potential.

We are passionate about sports and the use of technology to improve athlete performance. Our products are the result of years of experience on the hill and a never ending drive to help athletes get better.


Our team has many years of experience coaching athletes and building great technology. We've seen it all. Saturday morning rec-league soccer, winning gold at the Olympics, and launching web apps used by millions of people. We are committed to getting better, all the time.

Graham Clarke
Graham Clarke  Founder

Entrepreneur and consultant focused on Internet technology since 1997. D1 athlete, +15yrs coaching youth & HS sports.

Peter Foley
Peter Foley  Founder

Head coach U.S. Snowboard Team since 1994. Coach, U.S. Olympic Team ’98, ’02, ’06, ’10, ’14. Recognized leader in the use of technology to train elite snow sports athletes.

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