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Instant replay. Instant insights.

Your video in realtime

Instant insights in your hands.


Record video from cameras,
tablets and smartphones.


Watch instant replays
on any device.


Make in-game adjustments.

Get better faster.
Win more.

Instant benefits for your team

Powerful. Easy to use. Win more.


Capture video in real-time from multiple cameras and mobile devices.


Easily find the video clips you need, when you need them. Custom tags make it easy to organize clips to match your system. Clips are automatically organized by time, date, and location.

Watch instantly

Watch any clip on-demand. No limit to the number of tablets and smartphones your team uses.

Save time

Have all your video organized in real-time. No more wasting time with SD cards and incompatible video formats. Reveal makes video easy, so you can focus on coaching.

Any angle

Shoot from multiple angles. Capture video from cameras, tablets, and smartphones.

Works anywhere

No internet connection, cellular data or outlets required. Works at home, away and everywhere you practice.

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A better video camera for your iPAD and iPHONE

RevealCam for iOS.

  • Easy to use interface optimized for fast paced sports.
  • Tag video clips before, during or after recording.
  • See the action from multiple angles. There's no limit to the number of iOS devices you can use.
Across the country

What coaches say.

Matt Logan photo

Matt Logan

Head Football Coach
Corona Centennial, CA

"No more guessing about what the opponent is doing or relying on your players. The proof is in the video."

Darren Nill photo

Darren Nill

Head Football Coach
Cordova High School, CA

"Our on-field instant replay system from Insight Replay allowed us to quickly make the adjustments we needed and win more games."

Greg Botta photo

Greg Botta

Head Football Coach
Franklin Regional High School, PA

"Reveal has been invaluable to our coaches and our players love it. Players come off the field and immediately want to see what they did right as well as what went wrong."

Jeremy Hatchcock photo

Jeremy Hatchcock

Head Football Coach
Desert Ridge High School, AZ

"The Insight Replay System has been a huge help for our team. We are able to get adjustments to schemes in immediately and see instant results. The ability for the kids to see what we coaches are seeing improves the adjustment process. We had a team come out in a completely different defense than what we prepared for but with Reveal we had it figured out after the first series."

Ray Hradek photo

Ray Hradek

Head Football Coach
Berea-Midpark High School, OH

"Using Insight Replay is allowing real time teaching, instruction, and correction to take place on the sideline during each one of our games. The advantage is obvious. Viewing video with our players during a game allows us to make adjustments leading us to be more productive and successful during the very next possession."

Travis Spiva photo

Travis Spiva

Offensive Line Coach
American Heritage Plantation, FL

"It is a big help having the ability for ours players to see mistakes and make adjustments."

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