Can I use my own video camera with Reveal?

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Yes. Reveal works with a lot of different cameras, and we’re always adding new camera interfaces and capture devices. If your video camera has HD-SDI or HMDI output it should work. You can also film with any iPad, iPhone, or an Android device (4.3 and newer).

There are a lot of different video capture devices on the market. These fall into two general classes:

  1. Direct video capture to a computer. Direct video capture devices record the output from the video camera directly to the hard disk of a computer. This requires a cable to connect the camera to the capture device and another cable to connect the capture device to the computer.
  2. IP / Network video capture. IP or network video capture devices convert the camera video output to a stream that can be sent over a network. The video clips are captured by computer on the same network. The computer does not need to be directly connected to the video camera.